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On-screen expertise for insights and inspiration. A few of the experts involved so far.


What can InvestOrama do for me?

There is too much financial information and too little context. Too much noise and too little reflection. The mission of this channel is to help you think for yourself about financial markets and investments or savings.

It does not provide investment advice or products to buy. It doesn’t sell anything. That means it is not restricted to a particular type of investor (like only private, or only institutional). It is for the intellectually curious, who believes the world of finance offers an endless field of exploration.

We are going deeper. On evergreen topics, financial history, or fintech. And maybe along the way we can help you to separate good financial advice from advice that sounds good.

Why should I trust you?

It’s about delivering high-quality content on the platforms where you like to consume media.
The financial world is undergoing considerable transformation thanks to technology, regulation and new forces at play. Financial brands have become content creators and embraced video, social media and are jumping on the “investor education” bandwagon.

However, the message has not evolved enough. Pick the YouTube channel of any bank, fund manager, financial institution and the content related to financial markets will almost always be talking heads. We believe video offers so much more potential to inform and educate. If it’s just an interview, you are better off reading it: it will save you time, as we read faster than we speak.

Our film background means our interviews and research are just a starting point that we use to offer a richer, interactive visual experience.  It is about giving you access to the minds of innovators, academics, thought leaders and research with the help of new communication forms. While we like to reduce complexity if possible, we also embrace it, because complex doesn’t have to be tedious.

Who doesn’t belong here?

If you are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, this is the wrong place. You won’t get “winning formulas”, “investment tips”, “hot news” from us. The problem with all those is that as a rule, they don’t work. If you think you found something that works, keep it for yourself. In any case, it won’t last.

What’s the catch?

Most “financial education” websites are either loaded with ads, selling something (memberships, books, t-shirts) or using expertise as a covert way to pitch something. We are not involved in any of that and we strive to create a safe environment.
How does safe look online? It is a place where you are not bombarded with ads. That does not try capturing your email for commercial gain or any other form of personal data.
Some of our interviewees may represent an organisation that could sell you or your company advice, products or services but we make it clear to them about our editorial guidelines and what they are sharing: it is only about expertise and insights. If that leads to a further conversation, we are happy if we have helped you find the right provider, but we don’t have a commercial interest in the process.


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If you have a comment, a question or would like to discuss confidentially, please drop me a line. I generally respond within 24h.