Preparation for ‘ESG Investing’ (Tides Ep. 1)

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Preparation for ‘ESG Investing’ (Tides Ep. 1)

Sample Questions

General questions / Introduction

What is ESG, SRI, Impact investing…? What are the differences?

Does ESG make sense or should one just invest to make money (then, give to charity)?

What should an investor know about ESG?

Does the current ESG ecosystem appear fit for purpose? Is there anything wrong/missing?

Marketing, performance and regulation

UK regulators are pushing for Green / ESG investments, what do you think of that? What will be the impact?

Are ESG funds marketed properly?

Are Indices the solution or is there a more appropriate form of ESG investing? (Mandates / Stock Picking)

Other questions

How can one achieve the maximum positive impact while investing?

What is needed for the ESG sector to have a larger impact? more success?

Can ESG deliver on its promise of offering a good return and a positive contribution?

Does it matter? Should we not give up a bit of performance for a good cause?


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Books and research

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More information for interviewees

Before the interview, please review this important document, which contains important information, advice, and the general conditions of the interview.