Preparation for ‘Investing in Luxury’ (Insiders Ep. 1)

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Preparation for ‘Investing in Luxury’ (Insiders Ep. 1)

Sample Questions

General questions / Introduction

What is special about the luxury sector from an investment point of view?

What are the key players and rising stars?

The new role of the Creative Director and its challenges for brands?

Luxury and Digital

How are brands managing tradition and digital transformation?

What are the best/worst performers in terms of digital?

What are the major forces and challenges at play?

How has the importance of Influencers / Celebrities evolved?

Other questions

How can new players emerge in the luxury sector?

Role of China and other key markets?

Can digital disrupt the sector?


Recent articles and blogs

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Books and research

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More information for interviewees

Before the interview, please review this document which contains important information, advice, and the general conditions of the interview.