Preparation for ‘The Largest Mutual Fund’ (Titans Ep. 1)

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Preparation for ‘The Largest Mutual Fund’ (Titans Ep. 1)

Sample Questions

General questions / Introduction

How has the mutual fund industry evolved in the last decade? What are the most recent developments

The world’s largest fund used to be actively managed (PIMCO’s Absolute Return) it is now an ETF (SPY), what are your thoughts on this?
Impact of skill, marketing and performance on AuM (discussion)
The asset management industry is set to triple in the next 30 years, does that mean it is a great business to be in?

About SPY

What contributed to SPY’s success? (discussion)
As the most traded security, what is its role in the equity ecosystem?
How big could it become and are there limits?

About PIMCO & Bill Gross

What can you say about Bill Gross?

What do you think about his incredible track record (at PIMCO) and current lackluster performance?

Challenges and the Future

What are the challenges and disrupting factors or players in asset management?
What are your thoughts on the rise of passive investing and its impact on markets? on the industry?


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