The purpose of the interviews is to create educational, engaging content on various topics based on insights from experts. Other elements will be included in the final videos, such as our own research and narration, cut-aways and archive footage.
The interview will form part of a pool of content that may be used in different video edits and published on multiple platforms.
The content from the video interview may also be used in other forms, text, audio.

The interview


You will be provided with sample questions on the interview topic. The interview itself will be conversational so the questions are just here as a guideline.
Unlike a live interview, you can pause, think, start again or skip the questions if you don’t like them.


The footage will be edited and the questions won’t be included. It is recommended to avoid single word answers (yes, no, very much) and trying to keep them as succinct as possible.
Personal anecdotes and stories are welcome and even recommended.

What to wear

There are no guidelines, except:

We like to establish a personal connection with the audience so the setting can look corporate, or very relaxed, up to you.


The interview can be done in different ways, with a whole crew, a single camera or remotely (via Skype or similar online tool).
Whether it is done in an office, home environment, or even outdoors we like if possible to incorporate the background in the story so think about what is behind you.
From a cinematography perspective, we also prefer a greater depth of field as well as natural light.

General Conditions


You will be credited on screen and in the video description where possible.

Use of Footage

Upon request, we can provide you with a full unedited version of the interview footage, to be used freely.
When possible we will also take photographs which can also be made accessible to you.

Profile page

A speaker profile page will be created online, with information provided by you and links to your online properties.